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about our pickups



Our humbucker sets are designed to give you complete control of your tone, regardless the genre. We make two different humbucker models: The CREMA and The GRINDER. Each cut through the mix in their own unique way.

The CREMA is rich, smooth, and warm, yet incredibly clear and articulate. If you're looking for a dynamic, full-sounding PAF-style pickup just on the cusp of breaking into crisp drive tones, look no further! 

The GRINDER is bold and thick, yet incredible articulate — perfect for playing lead. Yet it’s extremely versatile, going from the edge of breakup to full-on shred city!

Check out our store to find out more details about our humbucker sets.



The Tele-types are arguably the most versatile set of pickups we build. From a full, soulful, and complex pickup on the neck; to a twangy, fat, and responsive pickup on the bridge. We balance the BLONDIE to have very little volume difference when switching between the neck and the bridge so you can focus on the riff, not the knobs. 

Check out our store to find out more about the BLONDIE.



Our Strat-style pickups are based off the vintage 1964 Fender Stratocaster. "The TRIPLE SHOT" has Alnico magnets paired with heavy formvar wire, producing smooth and velvety lead lines. They feature a thick and springy low end, detailed highs, lots of quack in positions 2/4, all without an overbearing midrange.

Check out our store to find out more about the TRIPLE SHOT.


what we are working on...

Each model we offer goes through a grueling R&D process, but it’s always worth it. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when we release a new model!


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